Art Course

I can assist students to register for the National Arts Examination and the Chinese Fine arts Institute Society. I can also help them to join the international art and music competitions.

Painting Types:
Creativity art pictures, sketches, comics, landscape painting, animal description, artistic style drawing
Painting class materials: Carbon pen, wooden color, ball point pen sketches, water color, soft pastel, oil pastel, marker, Acrylic, mix media drawing¡K etc.

Handiwork class:
Wooden Craft, Mosaic, Balloon Doll, DIY Color Sand, DIY Musical Box, DIY Telephone rope¡Ketc.

Triangle Paper Folding, Chinese paper-cut, Packing Design, Regard card, DIY Art Cards, Three-Dimensional Card, Manual card¡Ketc.

Household Arts Products/Handicrafh:
Fashion Designs¡BT- Shirt Design¡BCross Stitch¡BCloth Dolls¡BSocks Dolls¡BWool Cushion¡K etc.

Western Calligraphy, Art Deco

Seal imprint/ block print: Stone / Wood

Design Sofeware and Production:
Post-production (Filmmaking, Videographic and Production, Photography, Recording) /
Adobe Photoshop, illustrator, InDesign, Freehand, Flash, Corel Draw, Microsoft Office Publisher, Overture¡K etc

Music course

Piano ¡BMusic Theory¡BSight Singing¡BAural¡BMusic Exam¡K etc